Morocco UPCOMING REPORT COMING SOON Angola A thriving African country willing to embrace change READ THE REPORT Saudi Arabia Constructing an economy that is fit for the future READ THE REPORT Malta:
A peerless location in the Mediterranean
READ THE REPORT Blessed with a rich history, jaw-dropping views and countless marvels, the island nation has been energized by tourism’s rebound
Costa Rica: Back on the international stage READ THE REPORT A small country with a big voice where social and environmental development go hand in hand with sustainable economic growth Morocco: Long-term vision brings economic transformation READ THE REPORT The sustainable, competitive, well-proven and agile kingdom is providing solutions to global challenges faced by industries Germany: Saxony-Anhalt
Inspiring Germany’s future
READ THE REPORT Best known for its industrial and cultural heritage, the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt is the ideal place to invest, live and work in today
A green industrial powerhouse
READ THE REPORT The nation of innovators forges ahead with a new economic transformation strategy for sustainable and inclusive growth
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“As a small country, we try to facilitate things for our investors. Investors know that they can speak to us, they can speak to Malta Enterprise, they know that the government can hear them and discuss with them to see how to iron out any issues”.




A peerless location in the Mediterranean



Inspiring Germany’s future



Long-term vision brings economic transformation



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